Heidi A Sauder, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Certified Gottman Method Therapist

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

AASECT Colorado Education Co-Chair

My path to becoming a psychologist was a meandering one. In college, I tried out anything from mathematics to journalism and then, fortunately, took an adolescent psychology course. It was that professor, Aubyn Fulton, Ph.D., who convinced me my fascination with the adolescent process could be a job, and I changed majors once again graduating with a degree in psychology.

While I was applying to graduate schools, my little brother was diagnosed with cancer and, through his treatment and recovery, I knew chronic illness would be a focus of my work, both for patients and for their families. and I pursued a health psychology emphasis during my training in San Diego, California. My interest in couples’ work was sparked when I joined a research group that was studying the physiology of anger and I thought what better way to elicit anger than have married people talk to each other. My literature review led me to the work and lab of John Gottman, Ph.D., a brilliant mind and a kind and generous person. My dissertation explored the physiology of emotion and marital satisfaction.

Although I wrote pages on marital satisfaction and planned to practice as a marital therapist, following my own wedding and first move with my spouse, I realized knowing about marriage was different from being married. I returned to my first interest and began my career as an adolescent psychologist and continued this practice for a decade.

As I, my children, and my marriage matured – now in Colorado – I reconsidered relationship/couples therapy.  After researching different approaches, I found that Gottman Method Therapy was the most comprehensive and validated method of intervention for relationship healing. Training with Drs. John and Julie Gottman was challenging and energizing. I became certified in the method and now practice exclusively as a relationship/couple therapist.

I currently offer Gottman relationship assessment and intervention. Assessment is covered in four sessions and intervention is 12 hours of clinical work that is broken down into two consecutive days of six hours each day. I have found this approach to therapy an opportunity to help create understanding and healing in a timely manner.

Enrich Relationship Center is my dream of bringing together exceptional clinicians! A significant part of my professional life is focused on consulting and training my providers to provide our community with quality care.


  • American Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)

Professional Training

  • Certificate in Sexual Health in Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan, April 2020, Certified Sex Therapist August, 2022
  • Gottman Method Training Level 1, 2, and 3 with additional consultation. Certified Gottman Method Therapist, August 2018


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