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Happier relationships with your children

Learn how to build a connection with your kids that will foster closeness, influence, and growth.

Relationships with our children are complicated. Each stage of development brings new joys, accomplishments, and challenges. Just when we start to feel we are getting the hang of things; we enter a new time and face adjusting to a different developmental milestone. Some parents feel more confident having their second or third child, only to realize each child is different and poses their own unique parenting questions.

Each parent also has their own strengths and challenges in parenting. Some parents march confidently where others nervously find their way, only to find the tables reversed when a different developmental stage is introduced. Unique problems, personalities, and experiences make for different “fits” between each child and parent. Parenting is also complicated by the dreams we have for our child and the inevitable losses we experience along the way. We also have anxieties for our child. Are they too shy, too boisterous, or too emotional? These fears, or parental agendas, can create conflict.

Children are growing up in a quite different world than we did, and this creates challenges for children and parents. Struggles with how much screen time, managing social media, keeping lines of communication open, and imparting values are only a few of the daily predicaments.

Therapy is an open discussion between parent and therapist to understand the culture of the family and goals for treatment. Therapists draw on education of child development, mental health, relationship skills, and family systems to aid parents in connecting and influencing their children. If you are a parent who is struggling, give us a call.

"What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ- not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests."

– Daniel Goleman


Bringing Baby Home is a research-based workshop for couples making the transition to parenthood. Parents who attend this workshop are shown to have better co-parenting abilities; more involvement of the fathers in the baby’s life and more appreciation of fathering; stable and high relationship quality with less hostility during conflict; and, fewer mothers showed symptoms of post-partum depression, the baby blues or other mood disorders.


Emotion Coaching is a five-step research-based program that is easy to learn and proven effective with children from infancy through adolescence. Participants learn a parenting style that has positive and long-lasting effects on children and parent/child relationships. Skills learned foster growth in a child’s ability to control impulses, self-soothe, focus attention, perform better academically and cope with life’s ups and downs. Parents learn how to use their child’s behavioral challenges as opportunities to assist them in building life-long coping skills.

"Today, children's safety comes from their fathers' hearts. It is based on men being present with their children emotionally as well as physically."

John M. Gottman, PhD, Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child