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The period of life between 12 and 24 years is a rapidly changing landscape filled with increased creativity and problem-solving abilities and specific physical, psychological and social challenges. We work with individuals 14 and older in many different areas of interest, including:

  • Feeling comfortable with themselves
  • Understanding how to get along with friends and family
  • Learning skills to manage different moods and feelings
  • Creating a bold and vibrant life
  • Living proudly and productively with specific challenges like ADHD, social media, and stress
  • Overcoming depression and/or anxiety
  • Building strength amid pressure from peers

Therapy provides a safe space for adolescents to explore and reflect upon their current life circumstances, while offering a glimpse into the future. Adolescence brings with it a myriad of life-impacting choices, so it is a time of great transition and vulnerability. Adolescents will have an opportunity to take a genuine look at themselves, to explore their relationships with others, and to better understand their overall place in this world. Therapy serves as both an anchor and a guide, keeping adolescents grounded while they search for helpful ways to express themselves and fulfill their needs.