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ADHD Therapy

Life is simply more stressful with ADHD, and Dr. Frank “gets it!” People with ADHD often say that the hardest part of ADHD isn’t what other people can see on the outside, but how they experience their challenges on the inside and how those challenges impact their sense of self and relationships. 

ADHD is a chronic, brain-based difference that impacts most areas of life – from academics and work performance to finances and physical health to relationships and self-talk. It even impacts driving, weight management, and sleep! So, therapy for ADHD is about ADHD, but it’s also about a lot more. It’s about learning how to live with integrity, clarity, authenticity, and intention in the context of having a chronic invisible difference. 

As a specialist in ADHD, Dr. Michelle Frank uses an integrated, science-based and ADHD-friendly approach, to help her clients live well with ADHD – and without shame! Sessions tend to blend concrete ADHD strategizing with more in-depth and personal processing of the experience of living with an invisible difference. Colleen Ryan has practiced under the consultation of Dr. Frank for the last two years and enjoys working with patients with ADHD. 

Since ADHD doesn’t happen in a vacuum, Dr. Frank and Ryan, LSW work with individuals, couples, and parents to help everyone within a family learn to thrive and connect more fully.