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ADHD Assessment

Overcome the challenges of ADHD


While some people benefit from full neuropsychological testing, research has found that a thorough diagnostic interview and behavioral observations are more appropriate and cost-effective for diagnosing ADHD.

An ADHD assessment starts with the initial session where we have an in-depth discussion about your life history, your symptoms and challenges, your strengths and interests, what you might need at this juncture, and what you hope to experience moving forward. You might also be asked to complete behavioral rating scales, which are assessment forms where you rate the frequency or intensity of certain behaviors or symptoms. 

Lastly, and only if you feel comfortable with it and sign a release form, we will ask someone who knows you well (parent, spouse, roommate) about your strengths and challenges to get another perspective. A feedback session is then scheduled, the assessment findings are discussed, and a treatment plan is made. If we feel that you would benefit from further diagnostic services to get a clearer picture of your brain profile, we will provide you with recommendations to clinicians who conduct full psychological and/or neuropsychological evaluation.